Training and Instructional Technique Resources.

Lesson Plan Resources.

Training Resources.

Training Schedule – To Be Published Our Standard Way For Now.

Qualification Standard Plan (QSP)Instructional Guide (IG)
Will outline the standard of instruction that must be attained when presenting your lesson. Will also outline any resources required and time needed.Contains the background knowledge for each teaching point, and also has suggestions for activities. Use this to build your lesson plan off of.
Phase OnePhase One IGPhase One QSPPhase One Handbook
Phase TwoPhase Two IGPhase Two QSPPhase Two Handbook
Phase ThreePhase Three IG- Book One
Phase Three IG- Book Two
Phase Three QSPPhase Three Handbook
Phase FourPhase Four IGPhase Four QSPPhase Four Handbook
Phase FivePhase Five IGPhase Five QSPPhase Five Logbook